Friday, 13 September 2013

The Vampire Academy spinoff series - Bloodlines

I like Vampire Academy. I’m not saying its the best literature or storyline, but it is interesting and fun. Which is basically what I look for in a book.
Bloodlines [Wikipedia]
Bloodlines is the spin off novel of the seven part series, Vampire Academy. This fresh story is the first in a new series which focuses on alchemist Sydney. This story is of Jill, Lissa’s younger sister, and her protection at a school in Palm Springs. The story has all your typical VA Dhampir/Moroi/Strigoi problems.
I realise that I am about 2 years behind in this review. I read VA at the end of 2010 and read Last Sacrifice just as it came out. I started reading Bloodlines at the end of last year and just kept putting it off until I finally finished it off in the past week.
If you enjoyed or loved VA I would definitely recommend this book. However, if you didn’t, this novel was along the exact same line so steer clear. This novel has a notable absence of a love interest for the main character, Sydney. Refreshingly different though it is, it makes me more excited to read the next book, The Golden Lily (I’m a sucker for teen romance!). The storyline is strong and the characters engaging.
Happy Reading!
*** – 3 stars

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