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1. Book Review: Champion by Marie Lu

Title: Champion (Legend #3) ★★★
Author: Marie Lu
Publication Date: 5 November 2013
Publisher: Penguin
Page Count: 384
IBSN: 0399256776 (ISBN13: 9780399256776)
Bookshelves: Young Adult, Dystopian

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Champion is the final book in the much loved Legend series by Marie Lu. This novel continues the established storyline creating a coherent trilogy for young adult. In a futuristic and dystopian version of the United States (because, really, other countries are unimportant) the people are subjected to harsh living conditions, including the 'trial' which determines an individual's potential contribution to society at age 12. In the third novel, we revisit Denver and Los Angeles under the rule of the new elector Anden and the looming threat of the Colonies of America (US east coast).

The two main characters, June and Day, return in Champion to alternate points of view. June, the Republic's prodigy is faced with the political issues affecting the government as the Princepts-Elect. Day constantly questions his allegiance to the reformed Republic and the threat hanging over both his head and his young brother Eden. The two also have to deal with their difficult relationship with each other in a time of major unrest.

For a mild SPOILER review, see below

I really enjoyed Champion. It's artfully brings together all the elements of the first two books and neatly ends the story in a way which leaves the reader mildly satisfied, unlike the end of Allegiant. I feel like the way the relationship between June and Day ended could've been better, but I'm quite happy with how it worked out. An alright ending to the series for an all-round alright series. These are not my favourite books ever, and I don't think I'll feel the need to read them again, but I will definitely recommend them to my friends for a fun, easy read. Definitely a series suitable for younger readers to understand and enjoy.

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