Friday, 31 January 2014

TRAILER: The Fault in Our Stars

Quick just watch it now, grab some tissues:

So I'm actually watching it again now for the 283297582742837 time. Also after watching the (leaked) trailer, I decided to reread the book, which I finished again today.

Anyways, the trailer is beautiful. It's so well made, the cutting is perfect, the selection of scenes is perfect for readers of the book and also people who have no idea about the story. The quotes are all straight from the book (I know cause I just read it) and are all said perfectly. That being said, I just don't *love* Ansel and Shailene, they just aren't as perfect as the ones in my head. However, I do love Nat Wolff as Isaac. I'm sure in the coming months I will begin to accept them more as their amazing characters. I also love the background music (We're on Our Way by Radical Face and What You Wanted by OneRepublic) it perfectly breaks up the trailer and engages me. DAMN JOHN GREEN AND JOSH BOONE.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
Directed by Josh Boone
Film release date: 5 June 2014 (Australia)

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