Friday, 27 June 2014

Book Review: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Title: Attachments ★★★★ 
Author: Rainbow Rowell
Publication Date: 14 April 2011
Publisher: Orion
Page Count: 357
IBSN: 9781409120537
Bookshelves: Contemporary, Favourites

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Set in 1999, Attachments is the story of Lincoln, who has everything in his life going wrong. He's still living at home with his mother, has no love life to speak of, and to top it all off - reads people's emails for a living. Lincoln works in IT at a newspaper, monitoring the use of the email system by the employees. It is through this routinely disturbing job that Lincoln reads about Beth and Jennifer, two friends who talk about everything in their lives over email. Reading these emails, Lincoln feels as though he's friends with them, but as time passes it becomes more and more awkward to introduce himself.

Attachments is my new favourite book from Rainbow Rowell. Her only adult fiction book, it explores the realities of life for 20-something year old Lincoln, in this coming-of-age story, a bit late. I loved reading about Beth and Jennifer's lives and their interactions with each other were, at times, hilarious. I loved seeing Lincoln awkwardly both avoid and try to meet them at work, and them noticing him for the first time. I loved the pop-culture references from the 90s, it made it such a fun story. I would highly recommend it for fans of Rainbow Rowell and fans of romantic fiction, or IT nerds.

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